Welcome to my site!

What's up & welcome! I'm Seth, the creator of this world wide website!

After leaving all social media behind I decided to make this site to make up for my complete lack of online/digital presence

and I suggest that you do the same

It all started one day when I was bored and decided to uninstall Snapchat for funsies

When I first uninstalled it I just assumed I'd redownload it in a week or so, however that was not the case.

I immediately noticed how much better off I was without it & so I slowly phased out all social media over the following months. The more I uninstalled the more I realised all of the many different reasons as to why they are all so horrible

Now I spend every chance I get trying to convince people to do the same, and lucky for me I've already got you on my site :D

But also feel free to just look around and do whatever you want, after all you are your own person! I just hope that you enjoy your time here in my silly little world 😁

The Board

ANNOUNCEMENT: no announcement rn but there will be a big announcement soon!!! stay tuned !!

1/15/2022- New massive site redesign!!!
(psst, you can still see what the old site looked like here)

11/11/2021- dancing baby: the gif: the game: for the sony playstation portable released

8/30/2021- added the links & video pages

7/19/2021- first alpha version of dancing baby: the gif: the game released

6/21/2021- added the board & guestbook

6/14/2021- made site more responsive for all screen sizes

6/13/2021- initial site "launched"